About Through Frame Trickle Ventilators

RW Simon Ltd has an extensive range of Trickle Vents ranging in all different sizes to help achieve the amount of free area or equivalent area required to naturally ventilate a building in order to conform to building regulations, our range includes both UPVC and Aluminium.

Our Aluminium trickle vent ranges know as TTF trickle vents or sight line trickle vent can be painted any standard RAL colour and our UPVC trickle vents come in an array of sizes and colours too.

Ventilation is vital to replace moist, stale air with clean fresh air. In today’s world we try to seal our homes as much as we can but forgetting with out ventilation this causes damp and condensation, and where there is moisture, there lives microscopic organisms, like house dust mites and fungi. These problems left unaddressed can cause health issues.

This is where Trickle Ventilation comes into play; trickle vents help combat your ventilation problems and are a safe and energy efficient way of providing fresh air.