About Louvre Wall Systems, Grilles and Panels

Our aluminium paneled louvres have been designed with security in mind. RW Simon Ltd – Continuous Louvre Systems and Louvre Panels offer a comprehensive range that covers all your ventilation requirements, our Louvred Panels can be designed to fit in all industrial and commercial buildings and also suit all screening projects.

Our Louvre ventilation systems are available in almost any shape and size with numerous finishes and coatings to meet the architects / builders requirements. Louvre ventilation panels can be used from anything ranging from visual screening, weather protection, ventilation for high rise buildings, plant rooms, generator rooms, commercial and residential buildings.

We are finding our Acoustic Louvre range becoming ever more popular to help reduce noise pollution and achieve building regulations.

Our Louvres can be supplied with numerous accessories which include; nylon insect mesh, stainless steel mesh, aluminium mesh, bird wire and many more, also blanking panels which can be removed during summer months, insulation panels to prevent heat loss, flashings and even whole doors.