The RW Simon Ltd Sightline is a slim and stylish flush mounted aluminium ventilator.

With push-in flyscreen option as well as the traditional hood.

Model Options Overall Size (mm) EA mm²
2500-16 Screw-fix with push-in flyscreen 315 2500
2500-16 Clip-in with push-in flyscreen 315 2500
2500-16 Screw-fix with aluminium hood 315 2500
5000-16 Screw-fix with push-in flyscreen 570 5000
5000-16 Clip-in with push-in flyscreen 570 5000
5000-16 Screw-fix with aluminium hood 570 5000
2500-13 Screw-fix with aluminium hood 375 2500
5000-13 Screw-fix with aluminium hood 690 5000

The Sightline is suitable for PVCu, aluminium, timber and composite windows.

It can be mounted in the window head section, thru’frame, into cavity closer heads and as a glazed-in option mounted on the RW Simon Ltd airstrip carrier-bar.

PPC finish in our standard colours

Other RAL colours available on request

Tested in accordance with BS EN 13141-1:2004.

Achieves watertightness of 400 p.a and air permeability of 4.3 cubic litres per second only.

Availble in 2500 and 5000 EA models.

Rout out the frame with the correct slot size and configuration for the model to be fitted.

Place units centrally over the slots. Fix the unit in place using the screws provided.

If fixing the units to aluminium window frames, use the screw hole centre details shown opposite to drill pilot holes, then screw to frame as above.

Once the unit is screwed in place simply press the end caps in place on each end of the ventilator.