RW Simon Ltd Vent-A-Matic static ventilators are available in various models and sizes.

All models (except PB) come equipped with an integral stormaguard as standard, to help reduce draughts.

The DGS/JG and DGS/PB are fitted in double glazed units.

The Vent-A-Matic can be purchased directly from RW Simon Ltd or directly from our numerous on-line retailers.

Designed for use where continuous ventilation is mandatory.

Marked with free air space (Equivalent free Area fig.) to conform with gas board recommendations.

Tested in accordance with BS 5440-2:2000 (Gas Ventilation)

The models JG, PBS and PB are suitable for single glazed units up to 6mm thick.

The models DGS/JG and DGS/PBS suitable for double glazed units, up to 32mm thick.

Model Hole Size EA @ 1Pa
JG 162mm 7757
DGS/JG 162mm 7796
PBS 159mm 9896
DGS/PBS 159mm 9896
PB 164mm 7097


EA = Equivilant Free Area

All the models are designed for simple two part fitting into the glass aperture.

For additional security and weather tightness, a little silicone glazing sealant can be applied to the external retaining ring. In the case of the double glazed unit DGS/JG and DGS/PBS if it is a replacement unit this can be easily carried out by the occupier.

If a new hermetically sealed unit is required, then the DGS/JG or the DGS/PBS must be fitted by the double glazing manufacturer and requested prior to the making of the sealed unit.

The ventilators can be cleaned with normal window cleaning materials.