Simon Vent-A-Matic controllable ventilators are available in various models and sizes.

Equipped with a diffusing rotor which operates with the slightest differential in air pressure.

The Simon Vent-A-Matic can be purchased only in bulk from RW Simon Ltd  OR to buy ones and twos online from our numerous distributors visit:

Airflow tested to BS 13141-1:2004 as required by Approved Document “F” of Building Regulations.

The above models come complete with radial shutter control, operated by a pull cord.

The 101 & 105 do not have any control, these are permanent airflow models.

Aperture Adaptors are available. These allow units with an aperture size of 162mm to be fitted in to 180mm- 200mm dia. holes.

Storm Guards are available for all models and can be retro-fitted.

All above models ( except DGS/106 ) are suitable for single glazed units up to 6 mm thick.

The double glazed unit DGS/106 is suitable for hermetically sealed unit from 12mm to 32mm.

Model Hole Size EA @ 1Pa
102 & 101 121mm 4498
C102S 121mm 3998
106 &
162mm 5897
C106S 162mm 6997
DGS/106 162mm 6997
RXL 162mm 5997
SXL 219mm 11495

All the models are designed for simple two part fitting into the glass aperture.

For additional security and weather tightness, a little silicone glazing sealantcan be applied to the external retaining ring. In the case of the double glazed unit DGS/106 if it is a replacement unit this can be easily done by the occupier.

If a new hermetically sealed unit is required, then the DGS/106 must be fitted by the double glazing manufacturer and requested prior to the making of the sealed unit.

The ventilators can be cleaned with normal window cleaning materials.