The Airstrip 400 is an all aluminium, thermally broken ventilator with an external hood and incorporates the unique RW Simon Ltd twin shutter system, which gives you an enhanced thermal performance.

The external aluminium hood combined with the thermally broken design allows you to mix/match the colours of the internal/external faces of the ventilator.

The versatility of this ventilator makes it suitable for all markets.

  • Elegant unobtrusive design
  • High performance in glazed-in ventilator including external hood
  • Optional internal updraught deflector
  • Twin open and closed shutters
  • Thermally broken
  • Knob and cord operation available
  • Trickle ventilation as standard
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Independently acoustically tested in accordance with BS EN20140-10:1992, ISO 140-10:1991

Suitable for 20mm, 24mm and 28mm glass thickness.

Standard glass height reduction 45mm. Please check with your system supplier prior to order.

Polyester paint finish in standard colours:

  • White (ref HIPCA RAL 9910 satin)
  • Black (RAL 9005 matt)
  • Brown (RAL 8019 matt)

Other colours available on request.

Simon Airstrip 400 is available with mixed internal/external colour combinations.

Available with knob or cord control and also permanently open.

Please check, or refer to our technical sales team, to ensure that the Airstrip 400 will fit your profile.

Tested in accordance with BS EN 1026 & 1027:2000.

Watertightness limit – 400 pa. Airflow Rates.

Free Airspace with flyscreen fitted 7,031mm2 per metre length.

Equivalent Free Air of 4103mm2 per metre length.

Simon Airstrip 400 may be supplied made to order or in stock length of 3.7 metres.


  • Supplied assembly with thermal break
  • Aluminium body and 2 x PVCu shutter strips supplied assembled
  • External hood and fixing screws
  • Optional internal updraught deflector and fixing screws
  • Pair of end caps (16mm, 20mm or 24mm)
  • Knob or cord control mechanism
  • Trickle ventilation baffle plate
  • 4 x screws
  • Flyscreen
  • Glazing gasket


The Simon Airstrip 400 may be cleaned with normal window cleaning methods.