The Airstrip 19000 is a class leading performance ventilator. With its integrated updraught facility and variable operating modes the Airstrip 19000 is way ahead of its rivals.

The Airstrip 19000 has smooth elegant lines with a 2 staged operation, it allows for the greater control of airflow.

With the various operating modes the Airstrip 19000 is suitable for all applications.

3 standard colour options.

  • Black (RAL 9005 matt)
  • White (Hicpa RAL 9910 satin)
  • Dark Brown Mahogany (RAL 8019 matt).

RAL colours and Silver Anodised are also available.

The 19000 is also available as a Gas Vent:

Gas Ventilation

Gas needs a certain amount of oxygen to burn efficiently.

The most dangerous effect of under-ventilation is incomplete combustion. This is where lack of oxygen causes carbon monoxide (CO) to be produced. And as we know carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas. Some gas appliances take their combustion air from within the room, these rooms must then have a permanent source of fresh air. It is paramount that these air vents are the correct type and size, this is why you should consider RW Simons Ltd for your gas ventilation needs.

Please bear in mind, all open fires and gas cookers, irrespective of their fuel type, need an adequate supply of air to burn properly.

So before drilling a large hole in your wall consider our through the window Gas Ventilation range, suitable for most glazing thicknesses, available in almost any RAL colour, and all comply with the current British building regulations.

Air flow tested to BS 13141-1:2004 as required by Approved Document “F” 2010 of building regulations.

Equivalent Area of 12930mm Sq.

Free air space per metre 19000mm2

External hood as standard

Thermally broken

Fitted with storm seal as standard.

Knob, rod and cord operations

Can be locked in the permanently open position if required

2500mm2 EA achieved on length of only 193mm

5000mm2 EA achieved on length of only 421mm

Independently acoustically tested in accordance with BS EN20140-10:1992, ISO 140-10:1991

Suitable for 20mm, 24mm, 28mm and 32mm Double Glazed Units.
Standard glass height reduction from only 64mm. Please check with your system supplier prior to order.

Polyester paint finish in standard colours:

  • White (ref HIPCA RAL 9910 satin)
  • Black (RAL 9005 matt)
  • Brown (RAL 8019 matt)

Other colours available as a non standard request.
Simon Airstrip 19000 is available with mixed internal/external colour combinations.
Available with knob, rod and cord control and also permanently open.

Please check, or refer to your Area Sales Manager , to ensure that the Airstrip 19000 will fit your profile.

Tested in accordance with BS EN 1026 & 1027:2000
Watertightness limit – 600 pa.

Can fully comply with BS 5440 part 2:2000

Simon Airstrip 19000 may be supplied made to order or in stock length of 3.7 meters.


Two aluminium bodies assembled with thermal break, flap with knob controls at both ends (cord/rod control as optional), pair of end caps, 4 x screws, std flyscreen or gas flyscreen, glass and ventilator gasket.


The Simon Airstrip 19000 may be cleaned with normal window cleaning methods.