RW Simon Ltd have launched a range of acoustic ventilators to assist clients in creating a satisfactory solution for all their acoustic requirements.

All ventilators in the range meet the requirements of Document “F” and Document “E” of the Building Regulations.

Our acoustic vents offer sound reduction of up to 42dB. All acoustic vent models have been independently tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 (airborne sound insulation & BS EN 20140-10:1992)

The Simon Acoustic vent canopy is available in any standard RAL colour and silver anodised finish. Available in 5 internal options.

All vent options can be supplied on carrier bar.
Some acoustic models are available with humidity control.
All of our acoustic vents have a minimum Equivalent Area of 2,500mm2

The RW Simon Ltd acoustic vent range has been designed to allow products to be installed to any window system, with an aluminium external canopy to allow the units to be dual coloured to match any current RAL colour.

With 5 internal options RW Simon Ltd acoustic ventilator range can meet most requirements for new build projects.

Our Acoustic range was designed with Building regulations which cover the UK and Ireland.

Can be mounted onto the  RW Simon Ltd carrier bar range for very slim window systems.

Independent test results for our vents are available on request.

Simon Acoustic FV (Framevent) – 40dB closed – 32dB open

Simon Acoustic SL (Slimline) – 39dB closed – 33dB open

Simon Acoustic EMM (Humidity Control) – 39dB closed-33dB open

Simon Acoustic EHA (Humidity Control) – 38dB closed – 36dB open

Simon Acoustic EHAS (Humidity Control) – 41dB closed – 38dB open

EHA + AEA851 (Humidity control) – 41dB open

EHAS + AEA851 (Humidity control) – 42dB open

Internal Colour Options

Framevent (Trickle Vent) – Standard White, Bright White, Cream, Brown, Tan, Black and Grey.

Slimline (Trickle vent) – Any standard RAL and Silver Anodised

EMM – Any standard RAL

EHA – Any standard RAL

EHAS – Any standard RAL