The RW Simon Ltd Hi-Glaze and Underglaze have been designed to achieve a higher airflow through a single window.

Ideal for single facades where a much higher airflow is required in high and low positions, in order to meet the requirements of Document F 2010.

Tested in accordance with BS 13141-1:2004 achieves 12,930mm2 Equivalent Area.

Can also be used with an Airstrip 19000 fitted in the top of the window.

Fitted with storm seal in internal flap.

Storm locks available if required.

Thermally broken.

Hi-glaze fits and the top of the sealed unit and Underglaze fits at the bottom of the sealed unit.

When the Underglaze is used in conjunction with the Hi-Glaze or Airstrip 19000 on top of the sealed unit it makes this the ideal product for single facades for high and low ventilation.

Suitable for 20mm, 24mm, 28mm and 32mm Double Glazed units.

Glass height reduction is 64mm or 128mm with vent in top and bottom of unit.

Polyester powder coated all aluminium construction.

Manufactured in any RAL or BS colour.

Option of mixed internal/external colours.

12,930mm2 Equivalent Area per metre.

2,500mm2 EA achieved on a length of 284mm (4000mm2 measured area).

One window can achieve 25,860mm2 Equivalent Area per metre.

Simon Hi-Glaze and Underglaze are supplied made to order.


  • Two aluminium bodies assembled with a high flow external canopy
  • Internal flap with knob controls at both ends
  • Pair of end caps
  • 4 x screws
  • Flyscreen
  • Ventilator gasket


  • The Simon Hi-Glaze and Underglaze can be cleaned with normal window cleaning methods